Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There's ALWAYS time to be silly!

See this guy? He's nearly the same age as me, but the mere sight of him is enough to make kids practically wet themselves with laughter? Why is that? Why is Justin Fletcher (AKA Mr Tumble) so popular with kids (and judging by some of the really odd Mr Tumble fan fiction that exists in the darker corner of the internet, a lot of mums!)

Simple answer really, Mr Fletcher knows that there's ALWAYS time to be silly and this is something that I've always been, ever since Princess C was born.

This morning was a good example. Our mornings are usually hectic scrambles to stuff down breakfast, make packed lunches, pick up piles of clothes from the floor, showers, loo breaks and lord knows what else. Pretty much like your mornings, right?

In the midst of this while stuffing my sandwich box with my lunch, I started picking up random things and trying to fit them in too. Princess C's hideously bad-for-her Hello Kitty cake pop? A banana? A whole loaf of Soreen? Until the whole lunchbox was piled high with no hope of closing the lid.

For some reason this simple bit of silliness had Princess C in fits of laughter, no mean feat at the moment because the poor moo has a horrible cold and sore throat.

Later on as I was looking through my lunchbox I found that she'd sneaked in a chocolate coin (wrapper, empty of course) as an extra bit of silliness.

In the grand scheme of things, in amongst all the sage and serious parenting advice we're endlessly fed by parenting blogs, lifestyle magazines, child care experts and a whole metric ton of long-faced ninnies who would probably spontaneously combust if confronted with a room full of 5 year olds coming down from a sugar high I keep thinking about Ol' Mr Tumble up there and how SILLY he is, and yet how utterly well loved he is too.

Make room in your life for silliness. Leave the serious stuff for later when your kids barricade themselves in their room and don't come out till they're 22.

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