Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Princess C's Words of Wisdom Part 4

With C starting school again, we've all been ships that pass in the night but she has still come out with some amusing stuff. This morning for instance, during the usual getting ready / dragging feet routine associated with schooltime she blurted out:

"MINE! Or I will help you not!"

...while grabbing for the toothbrush. A pitch-perfect impression of Yoda that sent Me (Daddy) into a choking fit of laughter. The irony is she has never seen Star Wars so must've heard me saying it and copied me. Eek!

When talking about getting married and having children

C: "I'm not going to have Children"
Me: "why"
C: "because children are naughty and only I want to be naughty"

another marriage one here:
C: "why do people get married"
Me: "because they love each other and want to spend their life together"
C: "I'm going to marry Tom"
Me: puzzled "whos Tom"
C: "you know the one on my wall, Tom Fletcher, I'm going to marry him"
Me: "i think hes married
C: "ok i'll marry Dougie then"
shes not even 5 and she's far too interested in boyband pictures on her wall. (The reason for said boyband picture on wall was winning a "Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas" poster a little while ago)

Embarrassingly, in the middle of Boots while looking at the Soap and Glory range...

"Those are sexy lady products mummy!"
(Mummy blanches and points out that the security camera spots naughty people)

"But it's OK mummy because the security camera hasn't got ears!"

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