Saturday, January 5, 2013

Princess C's pearls of wisdom w/e 04/01/2013

Welcome to our first pearls of wisdom for 2013, sorry it's a bit late this week and we missed a week but hopefully we have made up for that with some crackers. So here goes.

When being told to do something she obviously didn't want to do she said:

"I would actually like some peace"

Wouldn't we all.

On a nice walk we passed through some kissing gates when this cracker popped out:

"You can't kiss dogs at kissing gates"

Lucky she never met her uncles dog who licked its bottom then kissed you, euch.

Christmas Day, and in that lead up to it I'm sure we all did the "you better be good or you won't get any presents" line, C is wiser than this:

"I was naughty on all of those days and I still got all these presents"

Quick thinking us managed "but you could have got more if you were really good". Think that fell on deaf ears.

Just in case we weren't mind readers, another on Christmas Day was:

C: "you gave me all the best things ever"
Us: "what things"
C: "this!"

We never guessed what this was... Must have been good though.

Anyone who has passed the new gigantic green stripped Morrisons distribution centre on the M5 in Dorset will get this one:

"That building looks like minecraft so it must sell minecraft DVDs"

On a long car journey we got onto the gruesome subject of skinning animals just before we could get off the subject this cracker came out:

"Before the man removes the fur he says I've got a surprise for you"

Gah, doesn't bear thinking about. And on that note I will leave you for another week.

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