Friday, January 18, 2013

And they called it puppy love...

It started with mentionitis (as Bridget Jones fans will be only too well aware, mentionitis is when someone slips someone else's name into conversations constantly because they're never far away from their minds). Then it continued with some very funny smiley and silly moments in the playground and then a full on confession. Princess C is in 'love' with a boy at school.

We'll call him Prince F but every time she sees him either at school or out and about, she goes completely gooey and it's so amusing to see. Seeing Prince F riding his gallant steed to school (a bike, not a white charger), Princess C simpers like she's about to faint dead away, throwing her handkerchief on the floor in the vain hope that Prince F will dismount, pick up her favour and present it to her - presumably before riding off to battle a dragon on her behalf.

It's very cute, slightly worrying and a source of constant amusement to all parents who witness this behaviour (including Prince F's dad who thinks the fact that Prince F calls Princess C "Girl" is also very amusing - and they say the art of romance is dead!)

It gets even more amusing when we realised that Princess C's constant badgering about having packed lunches at school rather than the very good school dinners was - of course - because she'd get to sit next to Prince F while he has his sandwiches, probably dropping small morsels of baby bel into his mouth while he handsomely surveys the lunchroom regally.

It's hilarious though, truly!

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