Friday, January 25, 2013

Playing the numbers game - Scores on the Doors

In a parallel universe where people will gladly tell you truthfully why they blog, they'll probably admit to being obsessed by two things. Numbers and free stuff. 

It's no surprise that the number of blogs is rising exponentially year after year, and the number of bloggers signing up to parent networks to get more coverage (and those all important freebie juice boxes or cat bottom teatowel holders) is also rising. So is it really worth getting one's knickers in a twist about your Mumsnet syndication or your Tots 100 rating? 

Probably not (though the other place's rating dropped over 10 points in the last month, thanks a bunch! Cuh!)

Page hits also seem to be something of an obsession. If your blog gets 40,000 hits a month you instantly become more amazingly attractive to those juice box and cat bottom teatowel holder manufacturing companies so surely that's a reason to carry on being obsessed with numbers and popularity, right?

Sod that. Here's a thought. Don't play the numbers game. Unhitch yourself from the itchy need to become famous through your blog and bury yourself under a parcel force van filled with stuffing for your house because the problem with fame and the acquisition of freebies is that it's a bit like eating Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers (non sponsored mention there, just thought we'd point that out), the more you have, the more you want. 

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