Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year from Notes!

It's 2013, and a Happy New Year from us at Notes from the Toybox. Here's our top ten predictions of "Things that might happen but probably won't". One thing's for sure, the next 12 months are going to be hectic. 

1) C's 5th birthday in Feb. We'll plan a slightly alternative and non-boring Children's Party - only to be told afterwards that people wanted to play Pass the Parcel, eat junk food and let their kids run around until they get bored instead of what we've got planned

2) Everyone stops reading print books and buys a Kindle. We've been told by the press and the publishing industry every year since about 2000 that this is going to be the year that electronic books take over from print and people just plain stop buying print books. Every year they're proved wrong but we love the rampant optimism all the same. 

3) We get our first robot slave, food in pill form, flying car. I've been wishing for this since the age of 5 and I'm pretty sure that it's going to happen this year.

4) E.L James publishes her next novel, prompting another massive baby boom for early 2014. 

5) We finally buy new phones and a sound bar / sound system for our mumbly telly. I'll add these to next year's list as well because I'm sure we'll just prevaricate and never actually get this sorted in time for 2014. 

6) We take our first family holiday during the school hols. Our attempts to predict where everyone else is going on holiday and when went so well last year - apart from completely forgetting that just about every other country in Europe goes to Disneyland Paris during THEIR hols in July. Eep. 

7) C takes over ReadItDaddy, renames it "Thank gawd that boring old fart has stopped reading me books, now I can start reading the really good stuff!"

8) Grandad becomes as obsessed with Twitter as Mummy, sets up three more Twitter accounts and installs the Twitter client on all of his devices (which takes about a week as he has so many). Grandma tries it once but rapidly gets fed up with it.

9) Daddy hits 45, stops obsessing about lego, 2 seater sports cars, drawing and games and starts acting his age and dressing his age. S'yeah, right. 

10) Mummy develops a taste for spicy food, stops eating chocolate. Mummy and Daddy Start doing Wii Fit every night and turn into a musclebound powerhouses. Well we can always dream. 

Happy 2013!

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