Monday, March 11, 2013

Princess C's Pearls of Wisdom - part 6

We had a wedding to attend so were getting dressed up. Not often that we look this smart, certinally not daddy and princess C seemed to find this highly amusing.

Daddy you look like a teacher.
Daddy you like like my headmaster.

She repeated it again and again.

Then i was in for it... whilst mid-tight pulling up she turned to me and said

You look just like Grandma in those, why do you wear Grandma clothes.

This one really had me stumped, what am i supposed to be wearing and Grandma usually wears trousers not skirts and tights.

Then I attempted the smokey eye look, not full on 16 year old attempts at the smokey eyes more subtle than that. The response was...

"Gah mummy your eyes, you look like a witch".

Don't think the smart clothes will be coming out of the cupbard for a while with those kind of responses.

There has been a dead pigeon on the way home from school, which someone has now slid under a bush but you can still see it and it gets Princess C a bit perplexed each time we pass. She has also just been on a school trip to see an old burial site... so a few questions were asked.

Princess C: Mummy that pigeon hasn't gone to heaven as his body is still there.

Mummy: The body stays our soul goes to heaven.

princess C: Whats a soul

Mummy: (panic mode) its the nice parts of us. like how you are happy and friendly and helpful. that bits goes to heaven and our body stays here. can you think of any nice things about a pigeon.

Princess C who doesn't like pigeons remains quiet.

Mummy: maybe the pigeons sole went to hell then if theres nothing nice about them.

Princess C: what happens to our body and muscle as i saw bones in the ground the other day

Mummy: we die and eventually we are just bone but our souls are in heaven.

Princess C: so we all go to the ground, will i go to the ground

Mummy: yes we all go to a burial site (really hoping she doesn't know about cremantion)

Princess C: oh good i will like that.


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