Monday, March 11, 2013

How far do you go to protect your kids online?

It's been weighing on my mind a lot recently that through our other blogs and probably through Twitter, we open the door a crack too wide at times into our own little corner of the world. We're not particularly paranoid parents, though we take measures to obfuscate our online family albums and other details from the wider web...

But if you run a blog that your children contribute to, or are indeed the focus of, how far can you go before you have to wind the string in a bit and start hiding them away from the world once again?

Another blogger who regularly features her kids in her posts made me think that perhaps we've been complacent, and it's time to crank up the drawbridge - but in all honesty, it would rip the heart out of ReadItDaddy if we did that - it would be an utterly pointless exercise carrying on if we did.

We take a few measures here and there, and so far we've only had one or two incidents where people have contacted us for content for the blog and have been just the wrong side of 'unpleasant' - making us dump them firmly in the spam filter, but it does keep nagging away at us both.

Both ReadItDaddy and CanIWalkMummy will continue but maybe with the wisdom of hindsight we'd have done a few things differently. Not much but a few.

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