Thursday, December 13, 2012

Viewing your child's life through someone else's iPad

A generation of people will grow up thinking their child's face looks like this!
Some people think Apple hardware is aesthetically the most beautiful tech on the planet. They are always first in line whenever a new i-something is released, and their home is swiftly becoming a shrine to the late Mr Jobs. 

Small discreet Apple devices tucked about your person are fine and dandy with me. Hulking great big ten inch tablet PCs waved around at just about every public event, gig, or more importantly school function are not OK. Not OK at all. 

You see, an iPad (as shown above) is not as beautiful as seeing my daughter do her bit in her nativity play, yet this was the view we both had for most of the time as braying self-important parent (who queued up and probably slept outside the school overnight to ensure they were in the front row for the nativity) spent the entire time holding this up to record the entire thing, or to take snaps of it (watching someone using an iPad as a camera is hilarious in itself. The awkward wrist and arm bending to try and hit the shutter but keep the scene in focus and in frame is a comedy goldmine). 

Fantastic quality digital cameras are ridiculously cheap. Smartphone cameras are also getting better. And most video cameras available with full 1080p recording capabilities could probably be swallowed without the need for a glass of water to wash them down, they're so tiny. 

But you see I'm missing the point here. We all know why these idiots bring an iPad to any public event. So they can hold an iPad above their heads and say 'I am rich enough to own the most expensive tablet on the market and I'm proving it to you by shoving it in your face' (these were also the folk who used to walk around holding their mobile phones above their heads back in the day when they were expensive and huge, and not many people had one). 

Roll on the days when Samsung roll out their clear screen and backplate tech and these things become see-thru. As see-thru as the puffed up twerps who wield them like a mystical photographic marvel. 

(Edit, of course the back of the iPad was facing the unfortunate children performing the play, not us - but you can understand what we're talking about, I'm sure. Particularly if you went to any of the Olympic events over the summer)

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