Friday, June 21, 2013

Part Time Blogging and the perils of 'time off'

This isn't what we do all day. It just feels like it sometimes!
I don't think I've ever met a blogger whose sole purpose in life is to put together blog posts. Every single one of us (well, all the ones I'm aware of) blog away as a part-time 'hobby'. Writing is therapeutic, and sometimes reviewing things can be quite therapeutic too.

Though there's that phrase isn't there - 'PR Friendly'.

We're extremely PR friendly. In fact we're PR Friendly to a fault sometimes. Virtually every single one of the PRs we've ever dealt with have also been friendly, and for that we're extremely grateful. After all, they're essentially offering to send you things free of charge in the hope that you'll put something worth reading about them on your blog.

So it's the 1%, the ones that just don't get that we have a young child (a very busy little Princess C) that we look after - and at weekends and during holidays we're incommunicado. Neither of us (well definitely not me anyway) are wedded to our smartphones. Neither of us are online 24/7 and neither of us would ever consider screwing up a family holiday by dropping everything to blog or be at the behest of a PR, even if you're offering to send us a free Rolls Royce or gold plated loo seat. We squeeze our posts in during the evening, schedule them to scatter throughout the working day, and truly hope that folk see them and read them. Sometimes we're even up late into the night putting posts together, not necessarily because we have to but because we enjoy it.

We pride ourselves that even though we do this part time, we put a massive amount of effort into both our blogs to make them informative, good to read, and above all honest. But our only 'boss', and the only person who can tell us what to do with our time and when to be at their beck and call is 5 years old and is the best boss in the world...!

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