Friday, February 15, 2013

The Birds and the Bees according to a 4 year old

As an only child we often get the prompt of mummy can you get a baby, or sometimes mummy can you have a baby. This is never going to happen, but that's an entire blog post of its own. So to divert the situation we ask Princess C how we should go about getting a baby.

All kids come up with wonderful stories about this. And usually ask in the most embarrassing of situations. My mum will gladly tell you about how I asked how I came out of her tummy on a packed underground train and how the carriage fell silent at that point. Before she could respond I chipped in with did I just pop out.
Readitdaddys sister, and again on public transport (i see a theme here), decided to say to a heavily pregnant lady "I know what you've been doing". She actually thought the lady had been eating all the pies.

So here is Princess C take on how babies get into our tummies and out of our tummies. Its audio not video so to explain that "here" is actually our chest which to her when you have a low cut top on looks like a hole.

She then carried on after to say that a baby is born with little hairs and that daddies have to go out to the shops right after to buy mummies cadburys chocolates. How thoughtful!

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